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Cynthia Simpson

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I don't care where you live on this planet, dating can be uncomfortable, frustrating and outright disappointing. It also can be exciting, spontaneous and lead to living your life with the person you love. I'd say if, in the end, you get to experience those fluttering butterflies in your stomach or the opportunity to feel true love isn't it worth pushing aside the negative thoughts and take a chance? 

I personally love meeting people; finding out what they are passionate about, where they have been and of course what they like to eat (what a person eats can tell you a lot about them). Not all people share this same enthusiasm. When it comes to sitting down with a stranger and explaining who you are it can be overwhelming. Then to be asked that annoying question "Why are YOU still single?" How the hell are you supposed to know the answer to that question?!

The ability to date and enjoy the experience totally depends on your mindset. If you go into anything new, say a new job or you just got a new apartment what you think going in can have an effect on if you stay or head to the left, to the left (In my Beyoncé voice). 

When you're on a date have a clear mind with no expectations. The best thing you can do is be yourself, be open and have a good time. You have no idea what the person sitting across from you is thinking but give them time and see what happens. When dating, time is your best friend. Time reveals the truth of people's intentions in life and ultimately with you. 

Live and be in the present. I think it's rude to be on the phone when you are meeting anyone let alone on a date. I understand if it's an emergency but if you have scheduled time to meet someone make sure you actually have the time to give them. Work emails are not considered an emergency people! 

Don't worry, be happy. I know that's a cheesy thing to say but honestly, wouldn't you want to hang with someone that's actually happy? I know I do. Being happy with who you are is so important in starting new relationships. When you are confident and comfortable in your skin you don't worry if this person will make you happy but rather if they are willing to share in your happiness. Happiness is a bright light that people naturally gravitate to. Shine bright like a diamond. (In my Rihanna's voice) 

The world is a magnificent, complicated place and it's great when you can find someone to explore it with. Your expectations will all depend if you are willing to let go of your ego, insecurities and focus on achieving a positive mindset. 


29 Rooms with Refinery29

Cynthia Simpson



of design and creativity  

Last month I was sitting at my desk at work thinking about what I would have for lunch when I got a notice on my phone that someone that I follow on Instagram was "live". I grabbed my phone and began scrolling and was immediately sucked into looking at pictures of people at the beach, friends that have moved to LA enjoying their new life and numerous images of palm trees. Just as I was beginning to get a heavy case of FOMO I scrolled down to Refinery29s feed where they announced that tickets for #29rooms were now on sale. There was no way I was going to miss this event. I didn't hesitate to buy my ticket. Hence my FOMO was cured! 

Here are a few things you things you need to know when attending 29rooms.


3. Bring a friend 

With all the amazing attractions and things to interact with, you really want to be able to take a few pictures of yourself that are instagram worthy. If you go alone, there are some volunteer workers that are around to take your picture but ideally, you'll want to bring a friend along that likes to take pictures and has the patience to get your every angle or boomarang that you need.  


1. Get there early
2. Wear comfortable shoes

On your ticket there is a time given to you to enter but will be a line outside the building to get in. Getting there early will guarantee that you enter the time you were given. Arriving on time isn't the end of the world, the line moves pretty fast and the people that check you in help move things along. 

Once inside there are more lines to go into each room. I hate waiting in lines period so I can't imagine what I would have done if I was also wearing heels. I wore my adidas sneakers Depending on what time you get there I believe determines how long you will be waiting. I was there towards the later part of the evening so I was waiting and waiting and waiting. 


4. Eat before you enter

There is not a thing to eat at this event so make sure to grab a bite to eat before you go. I made the mistake of not getting anything to eat before I entered so before I knew it 3 hours had passed and I was hangry! My body wouldn't allow me to stay any longer so I didn't get to experince everything I would have liked. The lines at this point were longer then before and I needed to eat. I called my ass and uber and stopped by a pizza shop before going home.