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Cynthia Simpson


When it came to waxing I was the biggest skeptic out there. I didn't mind shaving regularly, it cost me next to nothing and not to mention it's painless. After a girlfriend of mine introduced me to Uni K Wax Center I can honestly say it changed my life. I have been going there now for 2 1/2 years. It's quick, they have decent prices, the hair doesn't grow back as fast, and it's not as painful as you would imagine. And here's why.

THE PRICE. At Uni K Wax Centers they have a point system. For every 1000 points you get $1 dollar towards your wax. I know that sound like a lot of points but you can accrue them pretty quickly.  You get 2000 points for just booking on line. 5000 points if you bring a friend. I have gotten a wax for less then $20 bucks!  You can't beat that.


THE WAX. The wax they use is natural and great for those who has sensitive skin and allergic to almost everything like me. Also, this type of wax does not require the use of those white cloth wax strips. The wax is warm when applied and then gets stiff and clings only to the hair, so when it's removed there is less pain and your skin is silky smooth. 

THE LOCATION. Uni K Wax has several locations in New York, Florida and one in Cali. Although I live in Brooklyn, I go and have only been to the one in Murray Hill. I am sure the other spots are just as clean and with experienced waxers but I like the lady I go to and besides I don't need some random lady all up in my business!  Find a location that is close to you. Try it out and I am sure you won't be disappointed! Don't forget to mention that I recommended you, I want some points! 

Happy Waxing!