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Cynthia Simpson

Whether you  have a big event coming up or if you're just going to your corner bodega, we all want to look effortlessly beautiful.  
Having a routine skin regimen is key to keeping  breakouts at bay and finding makeup that matches your skin tone is just as important.

For your wedding day you want your skin to be glowing and glamorous but you still want to look like YOU.  
I had celebrity makeup artist Lynette Broom come over to give me a fresh take on how makeup can enhance your natural features and give you flawless look on your  wedding day!

For the eye shadow Lynette used Iman's tiger eye eye shadow "which she says, "Is one of the best bronze eye shadows on earth " and I totally agree.

Bobbi Brown black chocolate eyeshadow was used in the crease for depth and, Mac's orange eyeshadow on top of the brown crease shadow for brightness. She also used that same orange eyeshadow to brighten my cheeks topped off with  Nars Coeur Battant blush  that's a  bright fuschia pink.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 3.08.32 PM.png

For my lips, Lynette made this colorful lip color compact. She mixed and matched different shades to make a unique lip color just for me! 

To complete this flawless look Lynette used Nars Casino bronzer mixed with Bobbi Brown in deep 4 for my foundation. 


Makeup Tips!

1. Exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells.

2. Use orange colors on brown skin to add brightness.

3. Take your makeup of at night! I know it's super annoying when you just want to go to bed, but do it and your skin will love you for it.

4.Moisturize your skin and  drink plenty of water.

DSC05490 copy.jpg