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New Place | New Space


New Place | New Space

Cynthia Simpson


After 5 years of living in our apartment in Brooklyn, it's time for us to move. We plan to start a family soon so we need more space to accommodate a kid or two. I find apartment hunting to be pretty fun and exciting. I love to imagine what I would do with the space given and to see how creative I can be. With the increase in rent and the little space here in New York,  you really have to think out side of the box when it comes to decorating your home. 

There are ways to make your space feel and appear bigger then it is.  Making corners and nooks serve more then one purpose is always a great start. Painting the walls white gives the appearance of openness in any room along with natural lighting and minimal clutter. Another great way to keep your space free flowing is to use as much wall space as you can by hanging things up. It keeps them from taking up floor space and can serve as a art piece as well. Incorporating plant fixtures and flowers can brighten up your living space, giving the feeling of being outdoors. 

I have mixed emotions as we pack our lives up, throwing things out we have kept around for years. Leaving this apartment and finding something just as great will be challenging but I know where ever we go I plan to make it feel like home.