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Let's do the most this year

Cynthia Simpson


With 2017 in full swing, things seem to been more challenging than years past. There is an air of uncertainty with where the future is headed and how to navigate through the fog. At times like this, I try and take a moment to reflect on what's going on in my life. 


Rather than worrying about things I have absolutely no control over, I try to make the most out of what is in front of me and what I can control. As a naturally optimistic person that dreams big, I know that we as human beings can overcome anything we put our minds to. We just have to take it day by day and live each day to the fullest.
If you are tired of where you are working and want to change careers, NOW is the time to do it. If you want to live a healthier life, NOW is the time to skip the morning donut and take that evening spin class. 


Let's put action behind our wants and dreams to make it our reality. Start by making a list of what you want to accomplish and work each day to get closer to your goal. Speak out loud what you want to achieve and perhaps your friends will provide a helping hand.  


Regardless of how rocky this year has begun, I still look towards the future with high aspirations. I plan to do everything I can to achieve my goals, be happy and love ferociously. 
I am doing the absolute most this year and so should you!

Photo Credit: Bill Romaniello
Location: Soho, Manhattan (Thank you, Michelle, for this amazing location.) 
Styled by: Me
Makeup: Foundation: Laura Mercier, Lips: Mixed Play Date by Colour pop & Patina by Stila to create this pinkish lip color. 
Dress: vintage Madewell, Rings & other chains: vintage


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Cynthia Simpson

Smiling is one of the most natural forms of communicating how you feel. No two smiles are alike. You smile when you're happy, when something is funny, or even if you're nervous. What's great about smiling is you can connect with a total stranger and it can change the way your day continues or have a positive effect on them. With a slight grin, you can tell someone I am here with you. I SEE you.

So, next time you are on that packed train or busy street, smile at someone and see what might just change your life!


Denim Shirt: Madewell, Blouse: Lord&Taylor find, Pants: Obey, Shoes: Franco Sarto, Bag: Old sample sale find, Glasses: Street find but these are similar,  Bracelet: made by Miansai. You can find it at Bird

Photo Credit: Westley Harris @westleyharris


Cynthia Simpson


Last week I went to see the movie Selma, directed by Ava DuVernay and written by Paul Webb. The movie focused on the right for African Americans to vote and it's marches led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Selma, Alabama. This movie was an eyeopener for me on how important it is to vote and to have your voice heard. Sure enough, when I get home and check my mail, I received a letter from the Court Clerk Kings County Supreme Court summoned for jury duty.  Instead of my usual reaction of "Why me, Not now!" I simply looked at the letter and smiled with a feeling of  nostalgia and pride. 

Happy  Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. your dream has come true.  



Cynthia Simpson

If you are not aware of it, New Year's Eve is my birthday and I have a twin sister to share it with! Every year, we try to do something special. This year we had a party in Midtown with our friends. It was really a party to be remembered. To have your friends together all in one place is rare. You cultivate a group of people that you share experiences and are also refections of who you are.  

I think of life like it's your very own party that you create. You invite folks in, some help you decorate, some trash the place, there are folks that just don't know when to leave and then there are some that take you by the hand and get down and DANCE!  I LOVE TO DANCE! That's what I'm always looking for. So even if life doesn't go as you planned, remember it's your party, feel free to be or do whatever you want. We are here to CELEBRATE YOU! 

Life is about having those moments, sharing your dreams, and the people that make them come true.  I am excited about what this New Year has in store! I am ready to DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! BRING IT ON!  

Happy New Year People!