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Pillow Talk: Handcrafted and made with you in mind

Cynthia Simpson


As some of you may know, my dad is from Ghana and has a vacation home there. My sister and I take trips to West Africa every year to see our extended family and friends. This last visit I brought back some beautiful mud cloth and other fabrics that I thought would be a great addition to our new apartment in Brooklyn.

Instead of using the fabric as a throw or blanket that I would eventually fold up and tuck away, I wanted to find a way to utilize the fabric and have it on display. I teamed up with mother Delphine and Aunt Milady, who are both amazing quilt makers. Together, we have designed an Exclusive line of pillow shams that show off the material while also giving any room a quick and easy facelift! 


For a limited time only, you can purchase any pillow sham with the option to choose your own fabric! Besides the two pillows shams above, here are a few of my favorite fabric swatches that you can choose from. To view all the swatches please visit

I will soon be hosting a pop-up shop selling our pillow shams and a collection of vintage jewelry. More information is soon to come!

To place all orders, email

Photo Credit: Bill Romaniello