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A Day in Venice

Cynthia Simpson

While visiting my friend Pollyanna in LA, we decided to have lunch in Venice and take a walk around The Venice Canals. The Venice Canals are man-made canals that are inspired by the Venice Canals in Italy. Now, I have never been to Italy before so I am sure this is nothing like the real thing but I was impressed nonetheless.

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Cynthia Simpson

In the busy streets of New York, we rarely get the chance to stop and enjoy what's around us. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort bubble and see the beauty in the little things we often take for granted. During these hot days of summer I have been doing just that. I embrace the heat, the vibrant blossoms in full bloom and even the sweat that trickles down my back while riding the train to work. When I saw this palm printed dress, it reminded me of the nature that surrounds us even in the city. It's bold, free flowing, light and effortlessly beautiful. Take a moment and be one with nature and all that she embodies.

Dress: Top Shop, Bag: Michael Kors, Sandals: Enzo Angiolini, Belt: Vintage find 

Photo Credit: Amari Collins