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Cynthia Simpson

With Thanksgiving Day a few days away, my plans are to go back home to Philadelphia where my mom will prepare her traditional candy yams, greens, string beans, mac & cheese and not to mention her mouthwatering turkey! I love to cook and help my mom out in the kitchen, but when it comes to making the entire Thanksgiving meal for my family, even I am a little intimidated. 

Are you interested in cooking for Thanksgiving this year, but haven't a clue on how to get started? Well not to fear, Martha Stewart is here to help you out! Martha has collaborated with meal delivery service, Marley Spoon, that will send you everything you need including step-by- step instructions for a full Thanksgiving spread.

My friend Kate Storey, Senior Features Editor at Hearst Digital, decided to take on the challenge and ordered the Thanksgiving meal box. Kate informed me that she was not that experienced in the kitchen nor has she ever cooked a turkey before, but regardless, my husband and I were happy to be invited as her taste testers. We arrived to dinner at 7pm equipped with good appetites.  The spread was certainly impressive - A full turkey cooked to perfection, creamy mashed potatoes, roasted brussels sprout salad with pomegranates and cider vinaigrette dressing, classic stuffing with herbs and dried cranberries. Then for dessert we had homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Everything was moist, full of flavor and just incredible! 

 Here is a short video of the delicious meal and our wonderful evening.  For more details about Kate's cooking experience, read the full article she wrote for Delish

Thanksgiving Dinner