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Cynthia Simpson

Today I went to Everlane's Room Service event in Manhattan. This was held at a hotel in a beautiful loft suite in a secret location (If you follow me on snapchat, you have a clue where this was) My appointment was at 3:30PM and I arrived right on time. I was greeted in the lobby by an Everlane representative who escorted me to the suite. Once inside, I was able to shop their new fall collection of shoes. Everyone there was so sweet and helpful. I loved how comfortable the space was with the cozy window couches and the queen size bed where you could try on shoes. Once you picked a shoe that you wanted, you had to place the order through their website. The best part was instead of waiting for your shoes to arrive in the mail, Everlane waved the shipping fee and could have the shoe sent to you by messenger in 1 hour! That's right 1 hour. However, they could only deliver in Manhattan, but they DID allow you to have your shoe delivered in the hotel lobby, which was exactly what I did. I got The Leather Street Shoe in black, which I absolutely adore. They are super stylish and can go with everything in your wardrobe! 



Cynthia Simpson

If you are not aware of it, New Year's Eve is my birthday and I have a twin sister to share it with! Every year, we try to do something special. This year we had a party in Midtown with our friends. It was really a party to be remembered. To have your friends together all in one place is rare. You cultivate a group of people that you share experiences and are also refections of who you are.  

I think of life like it's your very own party that you create. You invite folks in, some help you decorate, some trash the place, there are folks that just don't know when to leave and then there are some that take you by the hand and get down and DANCE!  I LOVE TO DANCE! That's what I'm always looking for. So even if life doesn't go as you planned, remember it's your party, feel free to be or do whatever you want. We are here to CELEBRATE YOU! 

Life is about having those moments, sharing your dreams, and the people that make them come true.  I am excited about what this New Year has in store! I am ready to DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! BRING IT ON!  

Happy New Year People! 



Cynthia Simpson


I Love scarves! Living in New York the weather is constantly changing. It can be sunny one minute and snowing the next. (That really happened last week) In the winter keeping your neck protected and warm keeps your body temperature at a comfortable level when you are going in and out of the cold. During the summer a scarf not only keeps your hair in place when it gets windy, It also protects you from the scorching sun rays. 



Sunglasses are a great accessory and look cool on everyone. If you are a people watcher like me, then they will come in real handy so you can check people out as long as you want without freaking them out!  I like to switch it up by wearing my glasses or clear frames. 



When you are walking around town the last thing you want is to be caught in the rain! I know they can be a pain to carry at times but you can get a great compact one that can fit right in your bag or clutch.