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Cynthia Simpson


Created to provide space for mothers to connect, share their experience and be inspired to follow their passions as they grow their families.

Each month we will meet over coffee and lite bites to discuss a specific topic pertaining to the complexities of modern motherhood as a Woman of Color (WOC). Attendees will be able to share their experiences and struggles, as well as receive feedback in a supportive, non-judgmental space.

Session 01: Motherhood and Identity

As we set up for the days event, one by one women with their young ones in strollers or strapped close to their chest, arrived to Sincerely Tommy in the heart of Bed-stuy Brooklyn. It was a beautiful day for our first Modern Mama meet-up and we had a full house! My co-host, Stepha and I started the meeting off with introductions and asked each mother how they would like to perceived in this new venture in life. While we all want to be a good examples to our children, we talked about the importance of self-care and not losing ourselves in the daily tasks of motherhood. Special thanks to our sponsors: Anima Mundi, Cap beauty, Glossier, Ritual and the ladies at Sincerely Tommy.

Brooklyn Guide: Where to find your Holiday gifts!

Cynthia Simpson

As the holiday approaches we are daunted by the task of finding that perfect gift for friends and loved ones.  Shopping for my twin sister is pretty easy, since she wants pretty much everything I want. Finding a gift for my mother and husband on the other hand, can be quite challenging. Not to mention the secret santa gift I have to buy for one of my lucky colleagues. How do you shop for someone that has everything, a person who is really particular about what they like and someone you don't really know? 

Not to fret! Here is a list of my favorite boutique stores in Brooklyn where you can find that perfect unique gift for anyone on your holiday list. 


With rows of boutique stores to choose from, Smith street in Cobble Hill is a great place to start your holiday shopping. Regular Visitors that just opened a few months ago, has a cool atmosphere where you can sip delicious coffee and shop, while listening to a dope playlist. They have a good selection of products that cater to men, as well as women, beautiful home decor, stationary, and perishables items like jam and bbq sauce. They also carry an array of magazines like Kinfolk, The Gentle Woman and Wallpaper, that focus on promoting quality of life, fashion, interior design and connecting a global community of creative professionals. 


I have to thank my friend Jess who introduced me to this store a few months ago. Having great feng shui, once you enter the threshold, you may never leave. From fine jewelry to hand crafted home goods, Feliz has a great collection of unique items to choose from. 

Here are a few of my favorite things...

A great option if you're not sure of what to get someone is a bottle of cheer! There are several liquor stores in Brooklyn that will deliver to your door! Here are a few places that you can call up and get just what you need. 

The Gilded Grape

KARMABrooklyn Blog

KARMABrooklyn Blog

Little Mo Wine

Little Mo Wine Facebook

Little Mo Wine Facebook

Happy shopping everyone! 


Cynthia Simpson

Bushwick has totally changed in the last five years since I lived there. There are so many great places to eat and cool things to do. If you're looking for some  fun in Brooklyn this summer, you have to check out The Bushwick Collective, an outdoor street gallery of amazing artist from all over the world! 

Jacket: BCBG Generation | Pants: Obey | Shirt: Anthropologie | Sneakers: Vans 
Bag: Marc Jacobs | Sunglasses: vintage  

Photo Credit: Elina Brown 


Cynthia Simpson

Spring is funny, isn't it? Just when you think it's finally time to put away all your winter gear, you have days where you WISH you left home with more then just that cute new jacket.
There are times in life that are similar to Spring's sporadic mood swings. Things seem to be going well and then all of a sudden you're hit with a challenge or setback. We tend to focus and obsess about the moments that don't go as planned, totally forgetting that there is another side where you can grow and learn more about yourself. 
It's difficult to see the positive in a bad situation so instead, focus on the outcome that you desire and remind yourself better days are just around the corner. 


  Scarf: Madewell | Jacket: Asos, similar HERE  | Collar Shirt: Uniqlo  
V-neck tee: Madewell | Leggings: Gap | Shoes: Old Navy | Bag: Kate Spade 

Photo credit: Priscilla Chery 


Cynthia Simpson

Spring is finally here! Time to put those heavy coats away and bring out the flowy skirts and dresses. I am so excited for warm weather, especially since we had such a long agonizing winter.

Spring is also a time of new beginnings, letting go of old ways and embracing the future. As life begins to change, you begin to grow, learning all sides of who you really are as a person. Instead of resisting change and holding on to the past, lets welcome it with open arms and stroll into the new life that lies ahead.

 Jacket: 10 Deep, similar here and here. Dress: Vintage. Shirt: Assembly New York .  Shoes: Old Navy.

Photo Credit: Andrea N. Simpson