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Dreams of Italy

Cynthia Simpson

Since I've gotten married, we haven't had a chance to plan our honeymoon. With all the excitement and energy that went into our wedding, there just wasn't enough time. Now that things are settling down, we've had some time to think about where we want to go and decided to go to Italy! I've never been to Italy but I imagine it's simply gorgeous, filled with little alleys packed with restaurants serving delicious food. My plan is to eat as much as I can, drink some strong milky coffee and ride around in a cute convertible every chance I get.

DRESS: Anthropologie, BAG: Kate Spade (old collection) SANDALS: Dolce Vita, similar HERE, NECKLACE: Vintage, SHADES: Giorgio Armani, TATTOO: Flash Tattoos (I love them) 

Pictures taken by, Amari Collins