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Cynthia Simpson

The day of the wedding has arrived! Though it was hot and sticky, not a drop of rain was in site and I had the best time of my life.  Having your family and closest friends all in one place to celebrate YOU is kind of a big deal. Not to mention, the months and months of planning what you only imagined your whole life actually come together is kind of extraordinary.

The details of the day are what mattered most to me. The time does goes fast, but if you have someone keeping track of when and where you need to be, you can really enjoy getting ready with your bridal party. Thank goodness for my beautiful, organized and taskmaster of a sister. Yay Andrea!

Here are a few special moments that made my day complete and made me smile. 

My crown of flowers, made by The Bloom Bar, were made of fresh baby's breath sprinkled with golden flecks. I really loved how light and delicate it looked in my curly locks but it was really durable as well.

Celebrity makeup artist and close friend, Lynette Broom, made, my mother, sister and I look like movie stars. She's the best at what she does. It was such an honor to have her there for my wedding. She is so talented and made me feel really beautiful. Best part was, no matter how hot it was outside, my makeup did not move all day! 

My bridesmaids were such huge supporters throughout my relationship with Valery and I wanted to give them something special to wear for the day (and the rest of their lives). These beautiful handmade pendents By Boe were the perfect gift. The pendants and chains are 14K gold, light and delicate. When each of my bridesmaids opened their personal gift, they squealed with delight and even cried.

My bouquet was magnificent! Willow & Thistle really made my vision come to life. They even allowed my mother to contribute flowers from her garden which made the bouquet much more special. 

My amazing gown was made by Andrea Pitter, Owner and Designer of Pantora Bridal boutique in Brooklyn, NY. She is so talented and gifted. The dress fit like a glove and was so whimsical and light. I felt like Cinderella, minus the mice. 

We had such am amazing day and I am so excited for what life has in store. It's a day that we won't forget. Thank you everyone who made this day so special! Love you! 

Photo Credit: Rachel Simpson and Andrea Simpson