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 Where to go in Paris


Where to go in Paris

Cynthia Simpson


Going to Paris was a magical experience for my husband and I. We could not get enough of the larger then life castles that were now homes for art, architecture and history. 

Through gigantic doors and down narrow paved cobblestone alleys, you find a collection of buildings that were distinct to that area. Paris was like being in The Chronicles of Narnia novel; behind every door there was a secret adventure waiting to be discovered.

Paris balcony view  


We were in Paris for 5 days which gave us enough time to see a good amount of the attractions. For the first 2-3 days we were up early and out of our hotel before noon. Since we came to Paris in the fall, the sun set around 5PM, so we wanted to see as much as we could before it got dark. Paris is not a place you want to stay in your hotel room and sleep the day away. As a tip, before you travel, make a list of places that you want to see. There was so much to explore, you could find yourself wandering around in one museum for hours.   

Here is a list of a places that you MUST see when you go to Paris. 

1. LOUVRE -  Is the home of the Mona Lisa and a collection of Western Art from the middle ages to 1848. This palace was massive with lots to see. You entered through the glass triangle that has  escalators that descended into the museum.   

Paris was like being in The Chronicles of Narnia novel; behind every door there was a secret adventure waiting to be discovered.

2. PANTHEON -This museum, once a church, has a breathtaking dome ceiling where the sunlight illuminated the halls. As you continued pass the massive pillars, you came to a winding staircase that lead to an underground crypt. There laid to rest were some historically famous French writers, poets and scientists. 


3. CATACOMBES DE PARIS If you are into old cemeteries and not claustrophobic then you should check this place out. The Catacombes are a maze of crypts underneath the streets of Paris. The story goes, as the city of Paris got bigger the cemeteries began to fill up and at the same time these tunnels under the city began to cave in. So the Parisians decided to solve both problems by taking the bones of over 6 million people from the cemeteries and reinforce the walls of the tunnels! I definitely would have said No to that job! Be sure to get there early - the line was long; we waited for almost an hour. However, I really admired the skill and organization that went into creating these halls of the dead. 


4. EIFFEL TOWER -You can't go to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower. I mean if you don't get that selfie picture who would even believe that you were there? 


5. MONTMARTRE - This is an area in Paris that has a ton of cute boutique shops, bars, restaurants and one of the best views of Paris. For dinner, we found a tasty restaurant called Marcel & Clementine, where we mixed and mingled with local Frenchmen. The cocktails were flowing all night as well as the conversations.  


6.SOCIAL SQUARE - Hands down the best burgers in town! We loved the mix match comfy chairs and leather sofas.  


7. STRADA CAFE - This cafe has delicious coffee and buttery croissants. Rowen our server, was just as sweet at this cute spot. 

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

8. COMME CHAI TOI- We had our best meal at this French restaurant. The menu was written in French but the waitress was super sweet and translated the entire menu for us. I had the stuffed pheasant wrapped in bacon with mashed potatoes while my husband had the wild duck fillet sologne, drizzled with honey sauce and poached pear. We finished our meal with a mouth watering white chocolate cheese cake - Délicieux! 

Comme Chai Toi website

Comme Chai Toi website


9. SHAKESPEARE AND COMPANY CAFE- This sweet location is great for people watching while enjoying the outdoor seating. Next door is their popular bookstore where you can find some French literature. 


Back in New York, I crave the warm croissants and tasty bread that I ate every morning. Paris is a wonderful place to visit. I hope this guide will help you on your next trip.  


Here are a few more pictures I took while walking around the streets of Paris.