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Cynthia is a Casting Director, Emmy award-winning producer and storyteller. She is a super connector with passion to help individuals find their paths to success as well as connecting people to people who can aid them to achieve their goals. "I believe we are on this earth, not to travel alone but to truly connect with one another. That is what I aim to do."

Fashion, makeup, and meditation feeds her soul. Cynthia is a huge advocate of self-care and celebrating life through your own sense of style. She uses her blog to share her life experiences while figuring out how to be a good mom.

Her personal mantra is: In order to nourish your dreams you need a positive mindset, reinforced with positive energy. Now as a new mom, she wants to continue this mantra, encouraging others to approach and live life in a celebratory way. “Being a new mom doesn’t mean you lose who you are, it’s about reinventing the woman you are meant to be.”

Cynthia is of Ghanaian heritage, a mother to a 10-month-old named Sophia and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, Valery Janvier.

Connecting people with people.